Zia Youth Soccer League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We love the game of soccer, and our main goal is to provide an atmosphere where kids and families can learn to love it, too.

Our mission is to instruct children in the game of soccer and promote player development, while emphasizing integrity, respect, responsibility, leadership, confidence, positive sportsmanship, and fun. We want children and families to have a great time out on the field with us, while growing to love the sport of soccer and creating strong relationships with peers and parents in a positive and welcoming environment.

We are committed to ensuring children learn soccer skills and gain personal confidence, while having loads of fun.  We rely on parent volunteers to help execute our mission and ensure continued success of the Zia Youth Soccer League family-friendly soccer organization. Our experience has clearly shown that a fun, non-competitive soccer environment combined with parent involvement is a successful building block for children during their elementary, middle, and even high school years.

Again, Zia Youth Soccer League's mission is for children to learn soccer skills, while building their self-esteem and having fun.  To aid in achieving our mission, we recognize that our parents must follow a good sportsmanship code of conduct, and therefore all parents are required to accept our code of conduct during registration. 

We offer a safe and organized place for your children to have fun and create memories that will last forever. We welcome you to share our passion for your child's growth and the growth of soccer in New Mexico and the United States!

Zia Youth Soccer League Basics:

Soccer is a game played primarily with the feet. The head and other parts of the body can be used, but the hands and arms (up to and including the shoulders) cannot be used except on a throw-In and by the goalkeeper in certain circumstances. If you've ever played basketball, many of the concepts learned such as "give & go," "getting open," "support," "man-to-man," "zone defense," and others are very applicable to soccer. You will also find similarities in many other team sports including hockey, rugby, and American football, and concepts such as "follow through," "staying on your toes," and a "quick first step" are used in most field sports. Soccer is very much a team sport, and players will work together with their coaches to develop the skills, teamwork, and strategies they need to be successful, all within a framework of positive sportsmanship.  

As part of our philosophy, the referees’ main concern is going to be making sure that players understand the rules and have a chance to implement them correctly. All of our age groups contain some children that have played soccer and some that have not. The main concern is that everyone is safe, has fun, and learns the game. Our coaches and referees will be doing a lot of coaching on the field during the games. If you feel a referee has made a bad call, please give him/her the benefit of the doubt, as referees are only human and therefore not perfect, and are here to help the kids learn.

Encourage Learning, Tolerate Mistakes, and Applaud the Effort:

If a team is learning and trying new things, players will make a lot of mistakes. Parents and coaches must accept this and be tolerant of mistakes. Encourage the kids to try new things, and applaud the effort, even if it is unsuccessful.  Examples of this are "Great try! Keep it up!" or "Good idea! Try it again!"  Never punish or scold a child for lack of ability. All you can expect them to do is their best. Tell everyone, including the less athletic players, that you are proud of them if they are trying hard. You will have some athletic players and some less athletic players. Measure each player's performance by their personal improvement and effort, not by comparing them to someone else. Try to motivate in a positive way that builds self-esteem.

Practice Attendance:

Zia Youth Soccer League requires equal playing time for our players, even if they are unable to attend practice. Practice is not mandatory: sometimes conflicts arise or family circumstances prevent players from attending practices, and no child should ever be punished for not being able to make it to practice. However, our coaches are encouraged to create fun practices that kids will definitely want to attend, with games and activities that help them build their skills with smiles on their faces.  And after all, soccer is a team sport, and the team will indeed play better and have more fun if everyone comes to practice.  


All players are required to wear shin guards and cleats while playing soccer. The hard surface of the shin guard must by covered by the sock. Referees will check this prior to each game. Please buy properly sized shin guards that have a hard surface (plastic or fiberglass) and padding to cover the anklebone.

No shoes with front cleats may be worn (baseball or football shoes are not allowed if they have a front cleat). Only rubber cleats are allowed; metal cleats are prohibited.

No jewelry, metal devices, or hazardous equipment may be worn. (Casts are permitted if they are padded and the referee approves them before the game).

Each player should bring a water bottle to games and practices.

For each game, every player must wear his/her soccer jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks that entirely cover the shin guards, and cleats.

Team Names:

Zia Youth Soccer League uses World Cup country names to identify teams. This way, players can enjoy watching their team's namesake compete in the World Cup and cheer them on!  HAVE FUN!!!

*All Zia Youth Soccer League practices, policies, and procedures are subject to change at any time, with or without notice, if necessary, in accordance with the needs of our volunteer coaches and organizers, as well as the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department and other local, state, and federal government authority orders and regulations.  


Zia Youth Soccer League

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