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Zia Youth Soccer League - Promoting Positive Sportsmanship and FUN!

Zia Youth Soccer League is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth soccer organization (EIN 47-5333709), providing fall and spring soccer programs to the children of central New Mexico.  Our mission is to provide a non-competitive recreational soccer experience, offering a positive atmosphere wherein children develop basic initial skills in the sport, with an emphasis on integrity, respect, responsibility, leadership, confidence, positive sportsmanship, and of course FUN. We want children and families to have a great time out on the field with us, while growing to love the sport of soccer and creating strong relationships with peers and parents in a positive and welcoming environment.

We are committed to providing the youth of our community with a unique recreational soccer experience, wherein they not only start to learn and enhance the basic skills of the sport, but also gain personal confidence and develop their self-esteem along the way.  We rely on parent volunteers to help execute our mission and ensure continued success of the Zia Youth Soccer family-friendly recreational soccer organization. Our experience has clearly shown that a fun, non-competitive soccer environment combined with parent involvement is a successful building block throughout childhood and into the teen years.  To further aid in achieving our mission, we recognize that our parents and volunteers must follow a good sportsmanship code of conduct, and therefore all parents are required to accept our code of conduct during registration.  We offer a safe and organized place for your children to have fun and create memories that will last forever. We welcome you to share our passion for your child's happiness and health, and the growth of soccer in New Mexico and the United States!

Zia Youth Soccer Program Basics:

Zia Youth Soccer League's standard fall and spring seasons consist of approximately nine scheduled weeks of weekday practices, and eight friendly non-competitive coach-led scrimmage games, weather permitting.  This format provides children with the opportunity to learn basic soccer skills through practice, and apply them to the scrimmage game environment comfortably and confidently without the pressure of competitive programs.  Our programs are always open to players of any skill level, from beginners to those with more experience, and try-outs are never required.

Encourage Learning, Tolerate Mistakes, and Applaud the Effort:

When learning and trying new things, we make a lot of mistakes. This is a normal and healthy part of the learning process.  Parents and coaches must accept this and be tolerant of mistakes. Encourage the kids to try new things, and applaud the effort, even if it is unsuccessful.  Examples of this are "Great try! Keep it up!" or "Good idea! Try it again!"  Never punish or scold a child for lack of ability. All you can expect them to do is their best. Tell everyone, including the less athletic players, that you are proud of them if they are trying hard. You will see some athletic players and some less athletic players. Measure each player's performance by their personal improvement and effort, not by comparing them to someone else. Try to motivate in a positive way that builds self-esteem.


All players are required to wear basic soccer-appropriate safety equipment including shin guards and soccer cleats while participating in any Zia Soccer program. The hard surface of the shin guard must by covered by the sock. Please buy properly sized shin guards that have a hard surface (plastic or fiberglass) and padding to cover the anklebone.

No shoes with front cleats may be worn (baseball or football shoes are not allowed if they have a front cleat). Only rubber cleats are allowed; metal cleats are prohibited.

No jewelry, metal devices, or hazardous equipment may be worn. Casts are permitted only if they are thoroughly padded.

Each player should bring his or her own water bottle, not to be shared with others.

Most importantly, players should come to the field with a smile on their faces, ready to HAVE FUN!!!

*All Zia Youth Soccer practices, policies, and procedures, including but not limited to session format / season format, schedules and locations, are subject to change at any time, before or during an active season, with or without notice, if necessary, in accordance with the needs of our volunteer coaches and organizers, as well as the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department and other local, state, and federal government authority orders and regulations.  An understanding and acceptance of this statement is required for registration and participation.