Zia Youth Soccer has a volunteer-based discount system for its seasonal programs.  

1.  GET A "FREE*" SEASON!  Each team is generally led by a single HEAD COACH, with the support of one or more assistant coaches.  Head coaches will have the league registration and associated credit card processing fees fully waived for one of their participating youth household members per team led, at the time of registration
(separate Sports Connect processing/service fees may still apply).**

2.  GET A $25 DISCOUNT!  Each team needs at least one ASSISTANT COACH, but preferably at least two. 
Although the organization is not able to fully waive registration fees for assistant coaches, those who sign up as an assistant coach will not be charged the non-volunteer fee that is otherwise added to each registration.  And should an assistant coach decide to step up into the head coach position if one is not available for their child's team, the league will fully return the registration fee for one of that volunteer's children as a benefit of the head coach position.

3.  GET A "FREE*" SEASON!  The lines on the game field must be touched up each week in order to keep them fresh and visible for Saturday events.  Therefore, volunteers are needed to touch up these lines by simply painting over the existing lines to brighten them up, and taking a quick look at the field for any other maintenance needs of which the league should be aware.  This is a simple and convenient volunteer role, taking an hour or less each week, and which can be done any time each Thursday or Friday before that Saturday's events.  FIELD TOUCH-UP VOLUNTEERS will have the base league registration fee fully rebated for one of their participating youth household members at the end of the season, once the volunteer service is complete.

4.  GET A "FREE*" SEASON!  Volunteers are needed to set up and take down goals each Saturday.  GOAL MANAGEMENT VOLUNTEERS arrive prior to the first scrimmage game each Saturday to set up the goals, take them down at the end of the day, and ensure that they are properly stored away in the league's storage facility near the scrimmage field during the week.  Zia Youth Soccer uses portable goals that are a breeze to set up and take down, and training is provided to instruct volunteers in doing this.  League administration works with volunteers' player's schedules to ensure that those who set up the goals have the first scrimmage of the day and those who take them down have the final scrimmage of the day, making it nice and convenient.  Goal Management volunteers will have the base league registration fee fully rebated for one of their participating youth household members at the end of the season, once the volunteer service is complete.

(For more details on these volunteer positions, please see the "volunteer opportunities" tab above. 
Full training is provided for ALL volunteer positions.)

*"FREE" is in quotation marks merely to clarify that all registrations are subject to processing/service fees imposed by Sports Connect.  These fees are not charged by nor paid to the league, and the league therefore has no ability to waive them,
even for our cherished volunteers. 
Thank you for understanding!

**Although no experience is required to volunteer as a head coach, all volunteers are subject to seasonal approval, and fee waivers offered at the time of registration are subject to post-approval confirmation.  Head coaches who volunteered in the most recent season, and retained approval for the following season, will hold priority for open positions in the following season.  Volunteer positions are not guaranteed to be available, and volunteers may be turned down for any reason for the well-being of the organization and its participants.


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