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Scrimmage Game Rules for Non-Competitive Recreational Play

In order to best support your young soccer player,
parents and other supportive friends and family members are
encouraged to gain at least a basic understanding of how soccer is played.

Although certain standards of the game exist universally within the youth soccer community, playing rules are commonly modified from league to league in order to serve the needs and best interests of that particular league's participants.  Therefore, it is important to understand not only the game as it is widely known,
but the way YOUR league plays the game.

To help with that learning process, Zia Youth Soccer League has put together its rules of the small-sided soccer scrimmage and non-competitive coach-led recreational play in a condensed and easy-to-understand format. 

Links to the rules for each age division are below. 

(Participants are encouraged to review these rules prior to each season,
as they are reviewed, and updated as needed, seasonally.)

Dribblers and Runners




*(last updated 03/01/2024)